Friday, 6 June 2014


Resources Mili Fay used to publish her book.

Learn About Publishing

Self Publishing in Canada: A complete guide to designing, printing and selling your book by Suzanne Anderson.  This book focuses on getting your book ready to publish in Canada (step by step), with some tips on what you can do after.  You can also purchase a new edition e-version from her site.

I have recently discovered a UK website with a lot of useful publishing information: the time I was reviewing the site, some of the links did not work properly, and there is not enough information about publishing a book by yourself--the site concentrates on services that can publish for you. Nevertheless, it does contain a lot of useful information.

Canadian Government Sites You Should Know

The Canadian ISBN Service System Find out all about getting your free ISBN in Canada.
Cataloguing In Publication You will need to get this for your copyright page.

Start marketing before you finish your book!

D'vorah Lansky's site is geared towards non-fiction books, but fiction authors can find a lot of useful information.

Sandra Beckwith gives you an idea where to start.  She also always suggest other resources you can rent or purchase to expand your knowledge. 

If you do not already have a product, this book explains how you can research the market to find a niche that is trending. There are some useful pointers on market research that you can apply if you do have a product, but that is not the focus of this book.

Printing Company Mili Fay Used


I will add more resources as I come across them.  I hope these few gets you off to a good start.  If you know of another great publishing resource, please let me know.

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