eBook and Kindle Templates

eBook and Kindle Templates

Warriors of Virtue ePub and Kindle Templates for Text-Based Books allow you to easily create ePub and Mobi files of your books in XHTML, ensuring that your books look beautiful every single time. If you have basic computer (MAC or PC) skills, and can Copy and Paste your work, you can use these templates.

You can download the sample of my book here to preview how an eBook looks. You can preview the Kindle version from Amazon, or you can click on the images below, screen-captured from my iPad Kindle App:

Scroll down for more information and the special holiday offer.

With your purchase you will receive:
  • WofV eBook and Kindle Templates for Text-Based Books User Guide, a pdf file that includes detailed illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • WofV_ePub_Template
  • WofV_Mobi_Template
  • Creating_an_ePub_Checklist
  • Converting_an_ePub_Into_a_Mobi_Checklist

These Templates are for text-based (Reflowable) books, not picture books, textbooks, or books that have many illustrations. XHTML files were created for both Front and Back Matter of the book, in different styles that you can copy as many times as you like.

The images folder includes templates for the Cover, Author's Biography Photograph, and Chapter End Decoration.

The Chapter Template includes the following sections:
  • Header
  • Chapter Title
  • Quote
  • Setting and Date
  • Special First Paragraph
  • Poem
  • Regular Paragraphs
  • Paragraphs With Footnotes
  • Footer

This is a one-time purchase, if I ever I make changes to these templates, you will get the updated versions for FREE.

I created these templates to simplify publishing my Warriors of Virtue Epic YA Fantasy Series and have made them available to you, because I remember my frustration with trying to publish my own books at a low cost. Eventually I spent hundreds of dollars and took a Digital Publishing and Design course at Ryerson University.

It took months of study and hard work to create these templates, followed by three months of extensive testing.

Initially, I was thinking of charging $100 for my Templates, because that is how much another professional wanted to charge me to create a single book.

Instead, I decided to be generous and sell these Templates for less than 1/2 of that cost: $45.

Then it occurred to me that this is a new product, so I decided to charge even less -- a sort of introductory price: $30.

If you think that paying $30 for Templates that will allow you to publish every text-based, reflowable, book you create from now on is a good deal:

Mili Fay
January 16, 2016

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